What would it look like if your leadership was in service to a vision greater than yourself?

Jonathan is regularly sought after as a breakout session leader at conferences nationwide, and often provides trainings for groups and organizations of all sizes. Custom seminars and workshops can be developed for any non-profit group or business. Below are some of Jonathan’s most popular offerings.

Bring high energy and impact to your event. Jonathan has delivered the following training seminars and talks to groups around the country:

AI and Christian Ministry – Balancing Innovation and Ethics

As AI becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, it’s essential to consider its impact on various aspects of organizational leadership. AI has the potential to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and provide new opportunities for ministry, but it’s crucial to ensure that it’s used ethically. Dr. Davis will cover topics like bias and fairness, human dignity, transparency and accountability, privacy and data protection, spirituality and faith, human connection and relationship, responsibility and control. This event aims to provide participants with a better understanding of the ethics of AI and how it can be used in ethically and effectively.

A Family Systems Approach to Leadership: Exploring how relational dynamics and dysfunction impact authenticity

This 90 minute session will lead participants through exploring the basics of Bowen Family Systems Theory, and invite discussion around how family systems play into client relationships, goal setting, and team progress. No matter one’s position in an organization, understanding the basics of systems theory can improve the health and functioning of relationships, thereby having a direct impact on performance and service delivery.

Bracing For Impact: The Challenges and Predictability of Leading Organizational Change

This 90 minute session explores change theory in organizational leadership, including exploring the things leaders can (and should expect) when leading change. Participants will learn the difference between technical, adaptive situations and what leadership demands in each.

Sea Change: The Six Tidal Shifts of Cultural Upheaval

Based on the core material of Jonathan’s book – also titled “Sea Change,” participants in this seminar come to terms with vast cultural undercurrents that impact every aspect of our lives. It seems like things are changing more rapidly in our world than ever before, and wise leaders will navigate the currents safely and effectively, harnessing the tides for mission and vision moving forward.

Church and State

Explore the historic and modern relations between religion and the state. Religious freedom is the bedrock of a free country, and impacts many aspects of life. Explore various cases and real-world examples where church and state issues come into play, including how faith and education intersect, how churches and 501c3’s can protect their tax exempt status, and historic principles of religious freedom.


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