Teaching and Curricular Design

Experience teaching at Graduate, Graduate Certificate, and Undergraduate levels, and consulting on curricular design including:

  • Serving on the curriculum committee for a graduate school
  • Maintaining records for accreditation
  • Developing learning objectives for adult learners in different time-zones and countries
  • Consulting faculty on syllabus and course development
  • Developing graduate and certificate level teaching standards

Experience Includes

Graduate Curriculum Development

Identifying Learning Objectives

Teaching Online and In-Person Classes

Evaluating Students and Curriculum

Meeting Accreditation Standards

Recording Audio and Video Lessons

Managing Cloud-Based LMS Platforms

Training Graduate and Certificate Faculty

Building Institutional Partnerships

Mobile-Based Learning Design

Insuring Legal FERPA Compliance

Awarding and Conferring CEU's

Seasoned Professionalism To Benefit Your Company

Dr. Jonathan Davis brings over two decades of dynamic leadership experience in Media Relations, Public Affairs, and Project/Event Management, making him an invaluable asset to any forward-thinking company or nonprofit organization. With a proven track record of crafting and executing strategic visions, Dr. Davis has consistently driven impactful results in diverse and challenging environments. His adeptness in curriculum development and staff supervision reflects a commitment to fostering growth and excellence within teams, ensuring the successful implementation of organizational goals.

As a seasoned professional, Dr. Davis is well-versed in the intricacies of budgeting, vendor contracts, and accounts management, demonstrating a keen financial acumen that contributes to sustainable and efficient operations. His ability to navigate complex stakeholder landscapes and effectively relate to boards showcases not only his diplomatic skills but also his capacity to align diverse interests towards common objectives. Driven by a passion for effective communication, Dr. Davis is a compelling public speaker who can articulate and amplify the mission and values of any organization, cementing his role as a transformative leader in the realms of media, public affairs, and beyond.

Web Design and Hosting

  • Serving clients nationwide, primarily in educational, medical, and nonprofit sectors.
  • Designing beautiful websites for over twenty years using WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace CMS platforms.
  • Expert level design knowledge in Elementor site builder
  • Skilled in SEO using SEMRush, GA4, Yoast, Rank Math, and MonsterInsights
  • Expert knowledge in database and domain migrations, DNS records, SSL Certificates, Linux CPanel, FTP, and MySQL
  • Serving hosting clients nationwide through www.texaswebteam.com

Strategic Planning

Experience includes helping educational institutions, non-profits, advocacy groups, and medical practices develop strategic plans regarding education, advancement, and company growth. These experiences include:

  • Leading non-profit boards in strategic planning and visioning processes
  • Leading in the planning, marketing, and implementation of $1M capital campaigns
  • Writing, designing, and publishing written reports and white papers based on quantitative and qualitative research

Print Marketing Materials

Below is a non-comprehensive list of various print marketing materials that can be designed for customers and clients:

Annual Reports: Comprehensive reports highlighting company achievements, financials, and goals.

Banners: Large, attention-grabbing displays often used at events or in-store promotions.

Brochures: Informative pamphlets that showcase products, services, or the overall business.

Business Cards: Essential for providing contact information in a compact and professional format.

Calendars: Branded calendars featuring company information and key dates.

Catalogs: Comprehensive booklets featuring  products or services with detailed descriptions.

Certificates and Awards: Recognizing achievements, milestones, or customer loyalty.

Customized Stationery: Branded letterheads, envelopes, and notepads for official correspondence.

Direct Mail Pieces: Targeted mail campaigns, including letters, postcards, or catalogs.

Flyers: Single-page sheets used for promotions, events, or brief product highlights.

Invitations: Designed cards for events, product launches, or special occasions.

Magazine Advertisements: Ad placements in industry-specific or general-interest magazines.

Menus: For restaurants or businesses offering multiple services.

Newsletters: Periodic publications containing updates, news, and relevant information for clients.

Packaging Inserts: Additional promotional materials included inside product packaging.

Postcards: Eye-catching cards often used for direct mail campaigns or event promotions.

Presentation Boards: Large boards for visually impactful presentations in meetings or events.

Presentation Folders: Professional folders used for organizing and presenting documents or materials.

Press Releases: Professionally crafted releases distributed to media outlets for publicity.

Printed Coupons: Discounts or special offers to encourage customer engagement.

Product Labels and Tags: Customized labels or tags that convey product information and branding.

Promotional Posters: Large-format prints for events, promotions, or product launches.

Stickers/Decals: Branded stickers for product packaging, promotions, or as giveaways.

Trade Show Booth Materials: Banners, signage, and promotional materials for trade show events.

Vehicle Wraps: Branded graphics applied to company vehicles for mobile advertising.

Tailoring these materials to your specific industry, target audience, and marketing goals will enhance their effectiveness in conveying your brand message and driving engagement. All print material designs are made to product specifications as required by professional print shops.

Social Media Management

  • Over 10,000 social campaigns and customer service post responses.
  • Experience tracking and continually improving KPI’s including engagement, views, reach, audience growth, follower count, conversions, cost per click, sales revenue, and brand/campaign hashtags
  • Deep content management system architecture and UX design experience
  • Experience on multiple platforms and in integrating websites and payment processing with social campaigns
  • Integration of client social accounts with SEO, CSM, and Analytics plugins and softwares

Press Releases

Press releases written in house and on a contract basis for dozens of organizations, including:

  • The Opioid and Heroine Task Force of Virginia’s 98th Legislative District
  • Jesse C. Fletcher Seminary, San Antonio, Texas
  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma
  • Essex County Ministerial Alliance
  • Essex County Homeless Organization
  • Beale Memorial Baptist Church
  • Middlesex County Racial Unity Alliance
  • Hands Across Middlesex Social Services
  • Urbanna Baptist Church

Logo Design

Offering professional logo design to clients, including print-ready vector files.

Corporate Videography

Corporate and nonprofit videography services encompass a diverse range of offerings tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of businesses and organizations. For corporate entities, promotional videos take center stage, showcasing products, services, and brand narratives to engage clients and stakeholders effectively. Training videos play a crucial role, providing an efficient means to onboard employees and disseminate information consistently. Corporate event coverage ensures that key moments and achievements are documented for internal and external audiences. Nonprofit videography services often focus on storytelling to evoke empathy and support for the organization’s mission. Fundraising videos are crafted to inspire donations and community involvement, while impact videos highlight the tangible results of the nonprofit’s efforts. Educational and awareness-raising videos further contribute to building a strong connection between nonprofits and their supporters. Both corporate and nonprofit videography services play pivotal roles in building brand identity, fostering engagement, and achieving strategic objectives through the compelling visual medium.


Organizations Served

Dr. Jonathan Davis is a seasoned speaker and leader who brings a wealth of expertise to a variety of conferences and events. His versatile background makes him well-suited for a range of gatherings, including industry-specific conferences, where he can share insights and perspectives tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within a particular sector. Dr. Davis is equally adept at contributing to workshops and seminars, where his wealth of experience in Media Relations, Public Affairs, Project/Event Management, and Curriculum Development can provide actionable takeaways for attendees. Additionally, he excels in forums and events centered around leadership development, strategic visioning, and staff supervision, where his dynamic speaking style and proven leadership track record can inspire and guide participants. Dr. Davis is available to speak at conferences hosted or sponsored by diverse organizations around the country, bringing a depth of knowledge that transcends industries and fosters meaningful dialogue and growth.

Media Appearances

Jonathan Davis regularly speaks at events nationwide and also appears in media outlets around the country. For inquiries regarding interviews, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. At Beale Memorial Baptist Church in Virginia, worship was broadcast each week on live radio to a listening audience spanning six counties.

Interviews and Appearances

Jonathan has appeared on cable news stations, and been quoted in interviews via NPR, Outreach Magazine, Baptist News Global, Good Faith Media, and numerous nationally distributed podcasts and radio shows.

NPR (Kansas City), The Hardline with Ed Berliner, Ethics Daily, WCLMRichmond, WRAR 105.5, WIGO Country 104.9, WXTR 89.9, the Baptist Standard, Baptist News Global, The Southside Sentinel, The Rappahannock Times, and various widely distributed podcasts.

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